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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the warranty period on the equipment you supply and install?

For any street workout equipment from RVL13, or outdoor gym equipment from Street Barbell, the warranty period is a standard 2 years. For soft fall flooring, we prefer using a high-end EPDM rubber which has a 5 year warranty. In general though, we like to make sure our stations are looked after and maintained for the sake of the end users’ safety, and experience. Any damages sustained due to vandalism are not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty, or our installers’ warranty. Therefore, any necessary replacement of parts will need to be covered by the local council responsible for the asset. For further details on product warranty, including terms & conditions, or asset maintenance options, please contact us.

Is the equipment you supply customisable?

Yes, the equipment from both RVL13, and Street Barbell, are customisable in their colour scheme, and the components’ functionality. To view the complete product brochure, please navigate to the bottom of this page, and click to download.

Do you only install projects in public spaces?

If you are a private customer, and you are interested in a backyard gym installation (residential), or a special project, we are more than happy to provide you with a quotation, so long as the space in question is no smaller than 100m2. If your available space does not meet this minimum requirement, you can still purchase the appropriate equipment from us, however you will have to install it yourself in line with the warranty guidelines of the manufacturer.

Do you supply and install playground equipment?

Although we have the capability, we chose not to, because it doesn’t fall in line with our brand and what we are trying to build long-term. Through experience, we have learnt that many children and young adults utilise our outdoor gyms and street workouts as much as if not more than the neighbouring playgrounds. They are fascinated by their parents utilising the equipment, and often join in on a workout, instead of choosing to use a swing, or a slide. This leads to positive role modelling which results in healthy habits and an active lifestyle as they get older.

What products and services do you provide?

We have an exclusive distribution agreement with RVL13 to supply and instal their outdoor street workout equipment in Australia. We have chosen this partnership because we have found no other product on the market which has been able to match the high standard of quality, durability, design and warranty offered by RVL13. Unlike other manufacturers with various product lines such as play equipment, they specialise only in the manufacture of outdoor fitness equipment in consultation with end users which ensures continuous product improvement. This is what makes them the understated leaders in the field.

Our services fall in line with the construction and installation of active outdoor community spaces, which include basic civil works, including concrete slab preparation, equipment installation and maintenance, soft-fall flooring installation, lighting, earth moving, landscaping and overall project management. We build one project at a time, and treat it as though we are building it for ourselves, in line with the high quality finish and durability we expect of ourselves each and every time, prior to handover.